Mount Kilimanjaro,Tanzania

You’ll likely only climb Kilimanjaro once, so you may as well do it right. The best way to do it right is choosing a climb which gives you enough acclimatization time to reach the summit safely.

On Kilimanjaro, there are six park gates and approach routes, and three routes to the summit. There are ultimately about 30 different route combinations which are possible. Again, we recommend taking as long as possible to acclimatize. There are only three routes to the top – the least traveled (and most difficult, and beautiful) of which is the Western Breach, a 1,000 meter steep scramble from camp at 4,900 m (Arrow Glacier Camp) to the crater rim, then another hour onward to the summit. The other two routes to the top; Marangu and Mweka, lead up the more gently (relatively) sloping east face, trudging through scree on thousands of switchbacks. These latter two receive a high percentage of the foot traffic vs the Western Breach.Read More


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