The 6th Festival of the Dhow Countries – June / July
East Africa’s largest cultural event, takes place in Zanzibar in magnificent, historical venues along the waterfront of Stone Town. The festival celebrates the unique cultural heritage of the “Dhow” countries: the African continent and the Indian Ocean region and their global Diaspora.

The Zanzibar International Culture Festival – July
(Tamasha la Utamaduni la Mzanzibari) The Zanzibar Cultural Festival features traditonal and contemporary dance, music, arts and crafts. Many of the dances have their roots in ancient tribal rituals connected with the many stages of a human life, or with royal ceremonies. Drawing participants as far as Mozambique, Kenya, Comoro, Germany, China, India etc., Cultural Festival has became very popular in Zanzibar.

Mwakakogwa Festival – July/August
a traditional festival to celebrate the local New Year. It is mainly practiced in the Southern Unguja, particularly in Makunduchi. Originating from Persia and brought here by early, Immigrants, Mwakakogwa is marked by sacrifices, dances, and the actual field fighting. In addition to the tourists from abroad, it draws participants from the whole of East Africa.